ALLFLEX Carve Plate

ALLFLEX Plate - Allflex anti-vibration plates are intended for serious snowboarders. Snowboarding with the Allflex plate is much easier; snowboard goes into the turn much more easily than with any other plate.

The grip is significantly better compared to other plates. The snowboarder doesn't feel the vibrations during the turn because the plate isn't directly fastened into the snowboard. The snowboard plate is attached to the snowboard with four vertical and four horizontal rocker arms, which mutually cancel out vibrations.

Carve Plate Plate Features

  • unique design
  • made from plastic polymer
  • lower weight comparing to Alllfex Spring Plate
  • perfect for racers and recreational carvers
  • fixed stiffness

Carve Plate Colors
  • Black 

ALLFLEX Carve Plate available models


Carve Plate

Flex: Medium
Width: 185 mm


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ALLFLEX Carve Plate

  • Brand: ALLFLEX
  • Model: 2023-2024
  • Availability: Contact Us